I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…

Enumeration of LOVE

Why would I let you count the waysWhen you’ve already claimed that you are not good at math And this my dear is dang near quantum physics

So convoluted that the greatest thinkers of our time and times past have not dared to define nor have calculated this simple four letter word

You never promised me more than you could give except for when you spoke about giving your heart 

As I told you mine was held in isolation on standby and When you pledged fidelity and lied right to my face

I saw my dignity lower her gaze to the left and tilted her chin as she shook her head negatively No way there will be no more regrets

You could have been the one but that ship has sailed on a solo journey We converged on our paths but I was already gone But I had hoped 

For I was soon to be Far away from this place of alligators and mosquitos Where both were tolerated with a shrug I was not destined to be here this long

Because my DESTINY lay far Away from the South The Western Pacific whispered so sweet and softly…


Come home Love”

I’ll show you the majesty of mountains, volcanoes and Crater Lake. The wildness of the Pacific Ocean 

Crashing fierce waves against the cliffs Ever aware of the rouge waves And the stars will twinkle brighter You’ll see the Moon and Sun 

Rising and setting with more clarity as the celestial bodies lovingly illuminate and share the skies above

I was always good at math and I see patterns and calculate everything and I saw the dots connect

 In truth you could come to me wherever 

I remembered how it feels to BE LOVED And know that and feel that in my bones and very SOUL

I can recall vividly the time when you touched me and I felt it twice

I will wait for you patiently to come again and stay forevermore That my blessed one is called the Enumeration of Love


Do you see it? Can you imagine it? 

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Cresent Waning Moon

Crescent moon @4 am est Crescent moon @4 am est[/caption

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From: Lexa Credo
Date: October 19, 2014 at 12:29:27 PM EDT
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Subject: Crescent waning moon

Sweet infinitesimal smile
All the while
Monumental in
A lunar luminescence
The presence
Of the crescent waning moon
Makes me swoon
Albeit in void of course
The astrological source
In between Leo and Virgo

Introspective of the Apogee or
Either your
Perigee of your body mass
Makes me eager to pass and feel the
Affects of your gravitational forces
Influences on my life sources
Solids to liquids and all the types of matter
Matter to me …such phenomenon is
So delicious its esculent
Can’t you taste it?
My pupils are dilated
Do you see?
The skin of my entire body is tingling
Can you feel it?
The sound of silence and the words on this page
Do you hear me?

Betwixt and Between (Autumn 2016 revision and continuation)


Fading rsinbow

Over and Under the Rainbow

October 9, 2016

From: Lexa Credo <lexacredo@gmail.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Subject: Betwixt and Between

To: “a_credodarnes@yahoo.com” <a_credodarnes@yahoo.com>

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From: Alexandria Credo Darnes <a_credodarnes@yahoo.com>

Date: Friday, September 23, 2016

Subject: Betwixt and Between

To: Lexa Credo Darnes <lexacredo@gmail.com>

The powers that BE are present

And sending significant messages nay volumes of enlightenment

New wrinkles have been formed in my brain Right before summer leaves and Autumn begins

Near the equator with the Del Sol directly overhead

At the start of the day in the middle of the week

And La Luna was still high in sky at daybreak

I was up and out stargazing

Clearing and clarifying

The longitude and latitude of my geographical position

Solidified my thoughts as once more I was grounded and reminded of my Earth boundless feeling

Between light and darkness

I’m tempted by lust and love

Evil and live for I see it all as an anagram

As the numbers and patterns start to present a partial picture of my slice of life

One angel tells me he’s leaving the state and wants to see me before moving to Queens

And my angel of substances who offers me a life of opulence decadence and subtle luxury has proposed another revised offer to share the world with me on my terms..
And there is another Angel who had captured my heart with his light as the others all disappearing the edges of his blinding light 

One second I am certain And then he doubts so I doubt 


I sow seeds of herbs and flowers in anticipation of the harvest and full moon that next comes

And the strongest angel I know who appeared and revitalized my light and energy

As I review the hierarchy Michael, Gabriel and Rafael

The cherubs and Seraphim

I know naught/not to move too quickly for this is a crossroads and I’m still betwixt and between

Paradise, Purgatory and Dantes many levels of Hell

The morning star and evening star And Lucifer, Satan and the Devil, all are present 

I’m a stargazer and I stand and watch

Now Mars glows reddish near the low waxing crescent moon

And we are influenced and tested and the tears of sadness fall from my eyes as I remember the desire of happiness we’ve shared

Shall I turn and walk away Should I release him

Maybe it’s another trinity of the opposition 

And yet and still 

I move forward at a pace that’s fast and slow

I move and think spherically for the sphere of white light and the purple pyramid I manifest as I meditate 

As the wheel turns and Earth spins on its elliptical path

The Milky Way and galaxy of stars remind me of the wonder of energy 

The vibrations I feel are in tune with the hierarchy 

The leader of the fighting angels

Michael tells me tales of war and love

And I feel everything intensely and still the way is not clear 

For I still stand betwixt and between

War and peace and the battle of the sexes

For is it possible for two Alphas to mate without one trying to dominate the other 

I felt his love and when we made love it was amourous and odious 

Sweet and savory and I fell hard to the soft clouds of the promise of the last true love 

However since we are earthbound we are tested as above so below

As you test and doubt your love and my love and I am bound to watch it unfold 

And as it unfolds my binds are loosened and once broken I once again realize that I’m free to BE

Once in a fathomless dark place and suddenly graced with the light and touched 

I know that in this life LOVE and HATE exist

Right and wrong

As the battle between the Father and his first favorited one continues

I watch  

I stand

And I wait

Betwixt and Between 
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