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2/23 I’m getting the hang of  this.  Today was a good day.  I woke up early, practiced some yoga, had a strong cuppa cawfee.  And then washed two dogs..by then I had to wash my body and hair…blow dry and flat iron.  Got out to run errands. It was a little humid today so my hair was a little bigger by the time we got back to the house….Still…a productive day.Now into the evening…:-)


2/21 Today we spent going over the history, geography and customs etc. of Italy, France and Austria.  That was fun.


Today I woke up smiling.  It was cold here in FL a mere 45  degrees…BURRRRR..so hard to believe that I am getting acclimated to the weather here..so much so that 45 degrees felt like below 0. WE have been here for about 14 months.  I know that it’s probably just as cold in California and I miss it there still.  So anyways…here I am now fulfilling a New Year’s resolution of starting a blog.  I am also working on the rest of the list of things that I intend to accomplish this year.  First off maybe I will share the list and we can explore the start and completion of the goals, wishlist etc.


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