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Moi, SuCh and Francine Chase-SOUL SISTAHS

Lexa Credo Darnes

Moi, SuCh and Francine Chase

I had such a great time.  I hadn’t seen my little sister, Francine in a long long long time.  She is singing back up for an awesome new artist SuCh.  Very clever lady Sue Charles is SuCh.  I like it.  She is a cross between Neo-Soul and JAZZ and crosses back and forth over the line like a child doing the double dutch,  Fun to watch and fascinating.  The ease of which she expresses herself through superior showmanship, verses with meaning made a veritable auditory musical delight. Her passion comes through and her Real near Genius is shown with clarity and grace.  The band was tight and a pleasure to watch as well as hear “REAL” music.  My sister and another young lady were the two layers on a four layer cake.  SuCh is the icing  and we just love Sweets.

She has a cut on her CD “Stretch Marks” titled “LA LA Song” about a child losing innocence.  I could hear this song in a scene from the upcoming movie produced by Touch the Heart Productions “Daddy’s Baby”.  I see so much in store for SuCh. Check out her website at: http://www.iamsuch.com/

The Van Dyke Lounge sits up above the cafe and was filled with a patrons of  eclecticism , both upstairs, down and on the al fresco area on the promenade.  The two lanes of the Lincoln Mall is bursting with activity. Shoppers prowl the high end to mid and some original boutiques, while they stroll with their dogs and stop to savor at one of the many cafes and eateries. True South Beach Flavor,

I had a wonderful time!!! Thanks Sistah(s).



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