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Training Heels Your Highness and the Castle…

 Your Highness and the Castle (excerpt from Training Heels) Like mother like daughter?…

My Mother and Role Model
My Mother and Role Model

The recipient of that smile knew they were in great favor if they were so lucky as to have it bestowed upon them. And I had never seen it fail to stop and freeze anyone, man woman or child in their very tracks. Her neck was long and lovely stretched up swan like and so graceful,  like it was proud to support the crown of hair and her lovely head. A neck and breast made especially for cradling the head of a loved one. Her ears are dripping pear-shaped diamond earrings. Upon her neck and laying on her collarbone, is a diamond choker pendant necklace showcasing a sea-foam green sequined bodice and her lovely shoulders as well as ¼ of her milk-white arms with the remainder of the gown consisting of heavy satin that went straight down to her ankles, a small slit in the back for her to glide.  She was a Queen, in  this picture, of which you only see from mid chest, and a lovely cleavage, to the middle her upper arms and , to the tops of pronounced collar-bone and her proud shoulders to her entire face and to the top of her head, She believes that this particular picture captures the very essence of her mother. She is “Your Highness”.  She know that this is her’s and most every one in their entire families,  absolutely favorite picture of their Mother.

As I was saying,  my Mother also had really beautiful clothes. Her taste leaned heavily toward the classics.  Tailored clothes in muted or basic colors were her suits. This was the 60’s and clothes seemed to lean towards tailor-fitted classic cuts. She owned some colorful and A-line bias cut dresses. Crisp and clean were her cotton blouses and soft and silky were her dress-up tops.    Often I would sneak in her room and peruse her  closet.  She had a huge room with antique white french provincial furniture.  A super-king sized bed, two night stands, a chest of drawers and a mirrored dresser.   On the dresser were a few perfume bottles.  Estee Lauder, Youth Dew Parfume was her favorite.  I do not think Estee still produces it,  however I do have a bottle in my medicine cabinet that was purchased from a thrift store. This perfume is a  heavy woodsy and topped with an oriental flowered scent.  Very distinctive and strong.  It was Emma’s signature scent.  There was another perfume, one of which I have forgotten the name of,  however I do remember that it smelled like roses. She loved roses and I love roses and the smell of roses intoxicate me to this very day.  She always used Pond’s cold cream to remove her makeup and she always moisturized her face with a small bottle of pink lotion,  Oil of Olay Moisturizing Liquid.

Emma had tons of lingerie.  Damn near the whole dresser was full of lingerie she had every soft pastel color. Pinks, yellows, blues and lavender peignoirs.   She had all the classic colors, red. Black and white. She had slips made of silk. She had silk underwear, satin shorts, camisoles, chemises, teddies. Baby dolls, bustier, garter belts and stockings.  She had them all.  As a small child  until I was 12 years old, I used to put on her long gowns with the matching robes and run around the house as fast as I could. Or I would spin around and around untill the whole world was spinning and I was so dizzy I felt I would never stop spinning.  My whole world was beautiful peaceful and happy. Roses and honeysuckle, butterflies and bees, brown sugar buttery sweet.

We lived in a house that seem huge at the time, more like a castle than a regular home.  As mentioned my parents room held a super king sized bed, two night stands a chest of drawers and a mirrored dresser.  There was still lots of walking around room in the room.  Many houses today cannot hold that much furniture even in the master bedroom. Our house was landmarked by a huge evergreen tree, that must have been at least 30 feet tall.  The seven stairs leading to the red lacquer painted front porch were flanked by two large pink hydrangea bushes. The porch was also expansive and was usually empty of any furniture.  We never sat on the front porch, just on the ledges.  The front door was an enormous dark wood door that weighted over 70 pounds.  The home had cathedral  5  double wood-paneled french windows in the front . There were 3 on the living room side (left) and 2 smaller double panel ones on the side which were in the living room over the fireplace  and two-double 2 double paneled windows on the right (if facing) front side where the dining room was.  All the windows slid on a cylinder rod and opened out and  when closed they were locked with a hook and circle.  It was a concrete Gothic looking house with an unexpected flat roof.  The house looked at if it should be topped with towers and pointed spires. To me it was a castle and I was the princess.  However the house inspired and matched the mental attitude of her mother, with it’s architecture and size it was perfect for the faultless and accomplished family of Clementine Emma Salazar formerly Chase and now bearing the last name of CREDO and her daughter Alexandria Claudine along with her new husband Albert Villanueva CREDO.  After all she was already a homeowner and had on her own house. A house that was paid for and that  house was used for her very  own business.  Why would she marry and not have another house…bigger and better than one she had obtained on her own.  The house had a certain fantastical and almost licentious quality about it especially when compared to the other houses on the street. It was beautiful yet bore a faint heavy dark melancholy in its beauty.  Once you open the door the front entrance room which held a large coat closet, was flanked by the living room and dining room both of which had french doors leading into them.  The living room was enormous at a minimum it was 50 x 30.  It had built-in bookshelves that stood on each side of the fireplace on the end at the length of the room.  The furnishings here were again french provincial white with an antique intricately open flourished carvings and at the bottom it sat on with curved feet.  Pink, gray and white matching heavy marble coffee and end tables with a properly stuffed hard couch and an armchair that was her Mother’s throne.  We never hardly EVER got to sit on that couch.  There was a floor to ceiling lamp and matching end table lamps.  These lamps were heavily pictured with lords and ladies I believe and somehow cherubs in classic french  provincial colors and then trimmed with gold.  It was beautiful and later was covered with a heavy plastic that made a funny noise when you sat upon the couch, to keep it from being ruined.


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