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Flowering Vine defies gravity-Flora and Fauna

Defining/Defying Gravity

Defining/Defying Gravity

We have this flowing vine and the leaves have a spicy scent. I cannot think of the name at the moment…the point of this posting is…look how the vine grow straight up..the closest light source (sunlight)  is to the right and front center, however, the vine grows straight up..it started doing this about 3-4 months ago. Something changed here.  It’s defying gravity.  It’s like the words in the song from the play “WICKED” which I have NOT seen yet.  Here is a link from YouTube with the lyrics.  Some of the words are spelled wrong which everyone who knows me knows I strongly dislike, however its the words and the principle of the actuality of the definition and defying gravity and the song fits.




Thanks to SCARSART for taking the time to make the video after enjoying the play KUDOS to you. “;-)



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