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My Heart and the San Francisco Bay Area California


We had such a great time in California.  It was so surreal visiting HOME. We had been away for a year and a half. We flew into SFO airport  on Saturday April 20th and spent a week with our home base in Sonoma county, in the Wine Country near the Alexander Valley.  Specifically in Windsor CA.  which is quite an odd fact since we used to live on Windsor Road when we lived in New York however, that is another story. So we flew first class at 38,000 feet. It was such a nice flight, even with a little turbulence.  Flying first class is special and we had an unusually great experience. ImageWe were in the very first row and it is amusing to see the looks on the other passengers faces as they board (after first class). My daughter and I, met my sister Norma (aka Lola) who flew in from Denver, CO to San Francisco.  We still arrived within 1/2 hour of each other (thanks to my scheduling and other fortuitous events) although both of our flights had delays because of fog in SF and the traffic it created.

After gathering our luggage and catching up with Lola, we headed on the air train to pickup our rental car. Recent referreral and new membership in the National Emerald Club (and a credit from Alex) we picked out any car in the Emerald Club row (keys are in the ignition) and stowed our luggage in the huge trunk of the black Altima (best in the lot for our purposes) stared her up and had a quick checkout. I just handed over my ID and credit card and we were off.   We went straight to Vallejo to visit friends and started our loosely scheduled visit/vacation.

After Vallejo, we went to check in at our resort.

Windsor, CA
Resort Overview

Unit Description

Resort Brochure (PDF)
Get your free Acrobat viewer here.

“The WorldMark Windsor resort is located on ten acres with multiple 3-story buildings, all with elevators. Nestled into the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, Windsor is a small town with deep roots in farming and, more recently, winemaking. You’ll enjoy the area’s family-owned wineries and the newly constructed Old Downtown, a development that brings to life Windsor’s past, including the old general store and meat market. Lively restaurants abound, and the Town Green also hosts a Sunday Farmers’ Market from May through November and concerts on summer nights.”

We had a 3-Bedroom, 2 bath unit that sleeps 10! We had a murphy bed in between the dining and living room! A fireplace and patio equipped with furniture a a large BBQue pit!  All the comforts of home (away on vaca).

After check in and having to refresh ourselves with libations etc., we took naps and primped up for a girls nite out and headed back to the Bay.  We went to  make our appearance at private party in uptown SF and then headed for downtown Oakland. These are familiar stomping grounds and we dropped in a few places lastly ending up at Lukas.http://www.lukasoakland.com/bar.aspx


Image We always get VIP treatment there and enjoy ourselves immensely!

Early Sunday morning we scoop up Jeli and head back to the resort RELAAAX and then headed to Brentwood, CA., to The Wishing Crab for Charise’s 24th B-Day Celebration. http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Wishing-Crab/118759358204247?sk=info



Tobey, Charise and Alexa


ImageAll of us



ImageWe got EVERYTHING, which INCLUDED:  garlic noodles, crab cakes and of course “The Colossal” which had clams, mussels, crab (Dungeness and Alaskan King), Shrimp (heads off for an extra fee) sausage, corn and potatoes in a garlic butter sauce.  Then we added King Crab with the Cajun sauce.  We wondered for a few minutes about where was our sauce and why was there a ladle in the roasting pan..but soon figured out our food was drowning in garlic butter!

IT WAS GREAT EATING AND we celebrated Charise’s 24th B-Day!

But now we have to go visit another cousin in Pittsburg and so well, we just HAVE to get

New Mecca food.http://www.newmeccacafe.com/yes indeed.  We got a large bean dip, beef chilaquiles and I was sure I said to order tacos. It should be enough to last us a few days at a minimum, which anyone who knows me…that is not my usual MO. I totally forgot to order my usual Popeye Special which is not listed on the menu.  Next time.  We pick up our issue and head to West Pittsburg to visit our cousin Liguya Hood.  We forgot to take pics.

After an hour or so we head to Richmond to pick up Jayla to spend the night and next day with us in San Francisco.

It’s Monday April 22nd and we go swimming, shower and get cleaned up to go to the city by the bay.


My favorite city so far in the whole world. A close second is Paris.  It’s a perfect 75 or so degrees in San Francisco!!! How fortuitous is that?!!



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