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My Heart and the San Francisco Bay Area California Part II

GGB IIGolden Gate Bridge Lexa  Credo Darnes, San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf April 2013

So its day 3 Monday, April 22nd.  We leave Windsor after a dip in the pool, a leisurely breakfast and showers.  We head to San Francisco and it is a most glorious day.  The weather is perfect.  We go into the city via 101 and over the Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) into the Marina District.  WE see houses that we’d love to live in.  Old houses with character and not too close together.

After parking a couple of blocks away and popping in and out of shops to see what we want to buy, we make our way to the water.


Jayla, Lexa, Alex, Lola aka Norma Chase

We get crab cocktails and french bread clam chowder bowls from the very first vendor.  WE have been coming to the same one since I was a child.  A long long long time ago ‘;-) The air is invigorating.  The Pacific Ocean smells raw and wonderful to me.  I breathe very deeply and am filled with passion for the city by the bay. I sit with my girls, daughter Alex, sister Lola and daughter Jay. These females that I love and have so much history with are ready for the day, and we roll.JA and LPIER 39

Japan town 1  Japan town 2        Japantown 3

We head to Japantown to peruse the many shops there AND PICK UP SOME TRINKETS.

Tuesday, April we take it easy at the Resort.  We meet a lovely and kind woman of note in the Jacuzzi and strike up a conversation.  We are invited to a Fashion Show and Benefit. How fortuitous is it that we always meet up with good people who are doing great things and have beautiful souls? We are so humble and grateful to be blessed like this.

So do we just relax and take it easy? Maybe…. NO.. We will just try to stick closer to base.

We take a drive to the Anderson Redwood Forest. These gorgeous and humongous trees put me in a grounded state of mind and put things into perspective with a quickness.  My heart slows down as my mind opens wide and the path is not narrow by any means. My mind is clear and I am so glad we got to drive thru as opposed to walking,,we stopped for photo opportunities of course.  The panorama photos were taken on an IPhone 5 by Alex(a). AWESOME right!

Parson Jones Redwoods Lexa and the Redwood Jeli and the Redwood Jeli and Lola and the Redwood

and we take the Ocean side drive into  Bodega Bay.

Simply driving north on Highway 1 from Bodega Bay will quickly result in breathtaking ocean views and enough twists and turns to keep the drive interesting for hours.

For a more “backroads” drive, drive north through Bodega Bay and make a right onColeman Valley Road across from Coleman Beach.  The road will take visitors high into the hills, so don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the incredible ocean views.  Continue on into the redwoods.  Turn left at the first stop sign to stay on Coleman Valley Road and visitors will soon drop into the charming town of Occidental.

To stick closer to Bodega Bay but still enjoy a beautiful drive, check out Bay Hill Road.  Go south on Highway 1 and make a left onto Bay Hill Roadbefore reaching the Bodega Highway cutoff.  Follow Bay Hill Road around until it drops back to Highway 1 slightly north of town. (Source:http://bodegabayca.org/take-a-scenic-drive/)

.Bodega BayBodega Bay 2Jeli BBA and N BB

It’s a hellava drive and I am a driving machine!!!

On Wednesday. April 24th and we are headed to Benicia Clock Tower to a Benicia Community Action Council Benefit and Fashion Show.


SOURCE: http://www.bencac.com/about.asp

The Benicia Community Action Council (BCAC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1967 to provide services to the economically disadvantaged in Benicia.  Through dedicated volunteers and an experienced professional staff, a broad range of services are offered.

The mission of the BCAC, is to provide guidance, resources and referrals to those striving  for self sufficiency.

Whether delivering hot nutritious meals to home-bound seniors or helping low-income youth take advantage of on-the-job training, the BCAC stands ready to meet the needs of the community

The fashion vendor provider[s were  Christina’s  http://www.christinasbenicia.com/teams/?u=CHRISTINAS&s=htosports&t=c

They chose a variety of beautiful ensembles from the many collections they sell.  Also featured was BE Chic Boutique http://bechicbenicia.com/


IMG953861 (1)IMG953862 (1)   IMG953863

We regret that we did not get to take a picture with the lovely Ms. Viola Robertson, the Program Director.  We will definitely get together with her on our return to Cali and get involved with the organization.  We always find kind heartfelt people and we end up with family all over this world.

We then drive to Martinez to visit family there.  We change clothes and head to Roseville, CA to change the flowers at the gravesites of grandparents and parents.

We then (I AM a  driving MACHINE) leave Roseville and go to CACHE CREEK.  Just for one hour.  It’s night time now around 9 PM.  We leave at 10ish and take another route back instead of going back the way we came 80 to 37 to 101.

WE end up on Mt St Helena and the nightmare begins. The dark winding roads make it appear as if we are going NOWHERE SLOOOW.

Mount St. Helena National Volcanic Monument is within Gifford Pinchot National Forest. It is most conveniently reached from the west side, as shown on the map below. From Interstate 5, take exit 68 and proceed east on State Highway 504. Five different visitor centers can be found along highway 504. (Source: http://gonw.about.com/od/mountsthelens/a/MSHgetthere.htm)

Mount St. Helena is the noblest mountain in the San Francisco Bay area, a double-peaked rise with trees most of the way up its flanks. It overlooks the whole Napa Valley and is preserved within the bounds of Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. Mount St. Helena is a volcanic structure, but any resemblance to an actual volcano is a coincidence, as eruptions here ended about 3 million years ago. (The Sonoma Petrified Forest dates from the same episode.) Today the eruptive center is farther north, around Clear Lake.

Mount St. Helena was first climbed by the Russian traders who settled the west coast from Alaska as far south as Fort Ross, a short distance north of San Francisco. They left a brass plate on the mountaintop, and a replica sits there today. (Source: http://geology.about.com/library/bl/peaks/blsthelena.htm

The Volcano MSH Mt SHScary drive

We are terrified although I act just a little more alert.  I am on HIGH ALERT.  I have precious cargo. It hella dark.  I am driving very carefully.  I am now probably into the 8th hour of driving within a 24 hour period. A few times I make the mistake of looking over the edge of the road and get butterflies and that weird feeling on the bottom of my feet that feel as if I have missed step and will now FALL…and it’s a long way down.  Our ears plug and then pop as we reach higher elevations.  AND then finally, we start to descend.  Then oh no, it seems to be getting foggy.  OH NO!! but it’s just low cloud cover.  As we get further down the mountain, the navigator lady says ” turn left  on Petrified Forest Road” We all moan and say almost in unison ” The Petrified Road” OH MY, OH NO!!! Inside I say to myself “OH SHI_!!



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