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Training Heels..Memories of Mom, Fairy Tales do come true …and well Shoes



EXCERPT from the novel “TRAINING HEELS” – On this particular day, as she usually did, Claudina saved this pair of special shoes to slip on last.  She decided to walk around outside of the room in them. She pranced in front of the mirror in every room of the house.  She went into the kitchen and pretended she was the Mother cooking and then serving food to her imaginary family.  Claudina hosted a dinner party in the dining room while supervising the maid and butler on the use of the pantry door,  ringing a crystal bell so that the butler/waiter would bring in the next course.  She held court and was elegant while her royal guests partook of the delectable meal.  Claudina’s guest were also often served tea in the garden . Her companions and she were exhausted from standing still for our fittings of the custom gowns being made for the upcoming masquerade ball.  She marveled with child like abandonment at the prisms and designs made from the sun sparkling off the jewels in the most precious pair of shoes. She would spin around and around till she got so dizzy that when she stood still the world would still be spinning.  It was her first fling with magic.  Claudina never failed to have beautiful excellent adventures while wearing these shoes.

As Claudina was reminiscing about this particular day as she could recall, she had a full day of fantasy in her favorite pair of shoes. Her Mother would not be back home for a quite a while…it seemed she would sometime be gone for days at a time.  Whenever she returned she might bring gifts and kisses maybe even hugs.  And a special treat to eat.  Or if she was really happy, she would make  us a  special treats such as Lumpia or Bico.  There were also times when Emma returned unhappy  sullen and distracted.  And at the at the very worst, she would come home in a foul mood, her mother would be screaming obscenities at the top of her lungs and terrorizing her father Al Credo with threats of murder. Claudina learned how to detach her self from the present surroundings for self preservation. She went into her own world where only she controlled the outcomes and they would always end well. Because when she wore those shoes


Claudina was Cinderella.  The poor mistreated daughter who by chance got to go the the ball and met the prince.  The poor mistreated daughter that really is royalty..after all she is a princess in her own right, not just because she would marry a prince.  Everyone knows it including her.  She would just suffer thru this trying time and one day everyone would see and know that she really IS a PRINCESS and she would have her PRINCE. And she would marry that prince one day ….and they would live happily ever after in PARADISE which is their KINGDOM.  Meanwhile there is drama and tragedy because we are always tested.  The lesson here is be aware of your environment. Beauty and fashion are on the surface.  Nice things are nice.  Expensive well made quality items last longer and are to be treated with care.  Inexpensive things can wear out quickly and have to be replaced often. Take care.  Remember, things are just things to to be used. People are to be loved. Listen and Learn.  Smile. You environment is important. The people you see and admire show you things, give you life lessons.  It can define you or you can defy it by becoming something different in spite of it.

” I to this very day, absolutely covet lovely SHOES, And the novel revolves around the shoes worn during that time in my life.”



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