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My Heart and the San Francisco Bay Area California Part III- TBC…

Tonight is the full moon

IMAG3108 (1) IMAG3105 (1)After Wednesday’s long drive and escapades, we get back to the Resort in Windsor and chill lax in the early morning and wait for dawn.  We have some drinks (Cosmos for me and Merlot wine for Sistah) on the patio and reflect on the day. My sister Norma aka Lola and I remember old times and talk about what we want in the near future. We laugh so hard till our stomach’s hurt and Tonight is the full moontears come into our eyes. then  we  go to bed. It’s now Thursday, April 25th and it’s a full moon tonight.  We have appointments in Vallejo to get our hair done with Ms. Rashisda at 10 AM. We are running a little late and there is hella traffic.  We LOOK fabulous but now we are in rush hour traffic and 37 is packed. WE get there around the other side of 10ish and we are out around 2ish.  We get some grub at L&L (Hawaiian Bar-B-Que) the chicken and Musubi for my sistah and daughter (ladies). http://hawaiianbarbecue.com/live/locations/store-locator.  We have a dinner meeting at 5 in Marin County…so it’s back to Windsor Wydham

Resort freshen up and then ride to http://www.hilltop1892.com/


More traffic….

A fabulous dinner, very dirty GG vodka Martini’s with 3 olives and view of the Pink  Full April (partially eclipsed) Moon ,….

ec lispes and elispes…

http://www.almanac.com/content/full-pink-moon-aprils-moon-guide .  Back to the Resort. http://www.worldmarkbywyndham.com/resorts/wz/ TBC>>>>

Friday, April 26th and we decide to visit some of the closed vineyards, and revisit Bodega Bay and anywhere and everywhere we want.  Yeah we got it like that cause we made it like that.  Just clear your schedule, change your mind and you are free..to do and BE. 🙂

I try numerous times and refuse to give up to upgrade to first class for our return trip.  We are over on number and weight of baggage/luggage and an upgrade will actually save us money (see I can be practical sometimes).

Upgrade me.

Upgrade me.

I press flowers into my newest journal and book my baby girl bought for me.  “Alexandria” and “Aromatherapy”, and stick them under the mattresses so they will be pressed down.


Birthday Bouquet

Birthday Bouquet

Saturday, April 27th and it time to go back to the other side of the US.  We’ve had a fabulous and decadent time.  VACA was GREAT and Birthday celebrations are winding down…(yeah right).


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