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Summertime Blooms

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The flowers are blooming later and later. First there was only 4 or 5 blooms on the top of the tree about 3 days before the Summer Solstice.  Then a few days later, almost half the tree was in bloom.  Until finally, the tree was covered in blooms and add the constant rainfall..the tree was so heavy with blooms and water..that it touched the ground.

I watched it day by day, it was mesmerizing…yes it was.  To watch nature. To watch it grow.  To see the butterflies flutter by and land on the blooms was  pure joy. You might think it’s strange how such a simple thing can make me happy.  Fill my eyes with tears.  But that is how much I FEEL.  How much I SAVOR.  How much I SEE.   I am constantly fascinated by nature and the interactions of plants with sun, earth, rain and air. I love to grow plants, especially from seed.   There is something so very satisfying in creating, producing, nurturing. It reminds me, how fortuitous, how wonder-filled is LIFE and LOVE. Not just mine, but yours too.  If only, you would allow yourselves to feel.  Open up the boundaries and welcome LIFE with Open Arms.  The possibilities are ENDLESS.  All things are Possible. NOTHING is Impossible.  How interactions, intentions and circumstances etc. ….MAKE it SO.


Just a thought.


Anyways…I wanted to share my blooms and thoughts with you. “;-)


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