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Kitchen Rituals-WE EAT – ITS All GOOD

I am still not eating beef, chicken or pork.  Lots of fish, seafood, veggies and fruit.  IIt’s been almost 2 months I guess and I feel much better (if that is possible) and the energy level is even higher.  It may be a problem…I just cannot slow down  physically until I sit still or relax in the evenings to early morning .

For me its an adventure in the kitchen.  I enjoy cooking and creating savory, sweet and always sumptuous meals or snacks. It depends on my mood and I never cook the same thing…the same way…twice.  Recipes are guidelines.  I make it my own. I woke up with the intentions of making cookies. The two cubes of butter were softened.  (I still eat butter and cheese, no milk just soy).  Also the recipe requires two eggs and I swear I can taste them.  A small sacrifice to pay for sweets.  I made white chocolate, pecan and (dried) cherries cookies.  I also added some Heath Toffee bits and some milk chocolate chips as well.  UM HUMMMM ….SO GOOD !  I take them out a bit early so that they will be soft. Now first  thing  in the morning, the entire house smells like cookies.

I love that smell..it makes me


There is food in the house and mouths to feed.


The prior batch was Oatmeal with Golden Raisins and Cherries. And the batch before that was White and Milk Chocolate Chips, Pecans, Cashews and Heath Bar Toffee bits…PERFECXXXTION (not a typo, describes the flavors).

For my Break Fast I had Cantaloupe and Mandarins oranges (chilled from a can). Feeling sunshiny orange today. Lunch was the remaining piece of Bourbon Salmon on a Kai


We scored some Dungeness
Crab claws…I do not like the taste of the blue crab so often found in the South  and was pleased with the price as well.  The butcher had lobster claws and told me to come back and he would have Alaskan King Crab Claws for sale the next day. I gotta get my protein somehow yes?

We had smashed avocado with pico de gallo and fresh squeezed lemon..with Tostitos scoops..it’s an fresh explosion of flavor that fills you up..good. Garlic Parmesan Encrusted Scala Rolls

What did I cook for the 4th (my brother asks

me)? Oh not much just a lil  bit…steak, hamburger, mac n cheese, beans, cole slaw…thats all…

Me: Magnifique nes ce pas?


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