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Toast to the year 2014

Oh we fancy huh

Oh we fancy huh

As the holiday season hummed along, broke into song and reached the crescendo of the end of 2013, I felt joy .  The spirit of Christmas giving was in full effect.  A stranger just bought my daughter a gift as we shopped for our loved ones.  We wore our Christmas Hats and sung along at the top of our lungs with MiMi (Mariah Carey) “All I Want For Christmas is You” and we really meant it. No expectations and just going with the flow of abundance and appreciation for everything.  It means something special…right now  Being able to see and feel that specialness.. .its way more intense than the year before.  We shopped until we were tired. We planned menus for 2 weeks of decadent and savory dishes and were quite satisfied with  the end results.  It is such a pleasure to cook and see your loved ones enjoying the food as they nourish their bodies … It feeds my soul. I promised to post some of our dishes and recipes and I keep my promises… They are coming.

We had some drama.. We had a heart stopping scare and we prayed and were thankful all turned out right in the end. We are so very grateful for all the blessings.  I was reminded of the 2 times I was touched.  Once I was carried up … Elated and Light ……Then I got scared……and was suddenly back…The second time I was in a church in Quebec… I felt a hand on my head …I was literally touched! ………and was so filled with LOVE, with Total TRUST…And I Just KNEW.



The end and the beginning of another turn around the sun.  A toast to us… A toast to you and yours.  A very happy new year has begun.


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