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Beautiful Awakening

I was blind however now I can see and the overload of it overwhelms me. The full cup, overflows 😊 love it

Rampant and Golden

We have been
consigned to forever
even before we said our vows
and I’ve known that,
but still these moments
of tenderness have a way
of catching me by surprise

as if my heart has been
peeled off, divested of
its calloused skin and all
the layers of deadness
built up through the years
and is now beating raw
and quivering delicately
against the winds
that blow from your Heaven,
and can feel, again,
the subtler shades of feeling
in the spectrum
and everything in between:
talc soft,
desert sand fine,
and fluid smooth like rowing
down a fjord in spring

so if you see me
with tears in my eyes
some random time
when the touch of your hand
lingered on my arm
a moment longer than usual,
or if you find me staring
at you as if you were
the miraculous love child
of music and moonlight,

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