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Food for thought

The table was set. imageWe made a menu for cooking daily menus. But lets just try to give you an idea of how ambitious we are . i mean really.. maybe we watch too much Food Network.  We just love to cook. Our biggest meal was a Prime Rib Roast Beast, rubbed with whole peppercorns. Sea Salt salt, onion & garlic powder, smoked paprika , fresh oregano and thyme, we cooked it well until it got to the internal temperature of 175 degrees. I roasted whole garlic with it.    We had Duchess Potatoes. Thats potatoes peeled boiled, mashed then mixed with Butter. Sour cream, chives and bacon pieces. Then put it in a muffin tin and baked again. We had bacon wrapped Asparagus with garlic butter. We had some Collards cause I had a dream about them greens,  I cooked them greens all night in a crock pot with chicken broth onions garlic bay leaves, cream of chicken soup , vinegar, a cube of butter, sugar and diced tomatoes and some chiles… Yeah baby and some cornbread with whole sweet kernels of corn in it.  Then the next day I made us some black eyed peas with smoked neck bones and Ham Hocks .. I made my favorite dessert of Creme Brûlée from scratch and I got to use my vanilla bean pod  from Madagascar…yeah baby…I can cook. image


Imagest Image


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