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Attitude Scrutiny

I had to scrutinize myself and adjust my attitude. Yes I know I am always trying to be positive and trust me this is one of the ways I do it. Via a self examination. And this morning I have confirmed that attitude (my own) is a conscious choice. When I find myself getting irritated or frustrated I search for the source. I should step back and say that I get clumsy and off balance literally when I am irritated or frustrated. Oftentimes that’s how I know. Then, I look for the source of that frustration.

After breaking a glass, cutting my toe on the glass that I did not pick up. Then smashing my finger, I told myself to STOP. WHY?! One because I am now hurt and frustrated. I do not like pain so this alone gave me pause. I said to myself “okay why are you frustrated? I knew the answer. “I do not like wasting my time or money”. I had spent time and money on a project, gave myself a really short deadline and went full speed ahead. Then When the day came to go to the next level and “nope did not happen”. A stumbling block. Now I needed to do damage control and reset.

So I stopped. Literally sat down and thought it thru. “Plan your work and work your plan. Work smart not hard”. It had been my mantra for years especially the latter. It had served me well so far.

Whats for Breakfast

Whats for Breakfast

I refocused, drank another cup of coffee. Ate some fruit.

I also ate some “hot wings” I had been craving for a few days. Satisfied nutritionally I felt better. I took a long hot shower and dressed comfortably for yoga. I stretched and meditated. I cleared my mind opened my chakras. I did my language lesson. I felt better…. Much much better. Do more research, makes some calls, reschedule, RESET. Attitude adjusted. Goal will be achieved.

Thy will be done. Powerful words, purposeful actions.


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