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Muffin Man

By the title alone, tell me true how many thought it was the rhyme “The Muffin Man”? Well I am writing about the muffins I baked this crisp sunny Sunday morning.  I was inspired by muffins I enjoyed immensely on a First Class (what else) flight from the Bay West Coast of The Sunshine state to the North Bay Golden State. The muffins were loaded with flavor. And although this trip was made last April, I vowed to make some similar but better cause that’s how I roll. I find I enjoy testing my palate and guessing the flavors, be it herbs or spices in any and all dishes eaten out. I can almost always duplicate but why not improve upon it? Why not indeed. Anyone who knows me well also knows I never make the same thing the same way twice. You know what they say about variety…well I like the gist of that saying. So these muffins had so many flavors: apples, cinnamon, orange and they also had whole dried cranberries in them. They were also in miniature.

The muffins I made this morning were regular sized (just because I wanted more of them I restrained {not like me}myself)not jumbo as was my first inclination. I made a whole wheat flour based muffin (eggs, cream and 1/2 C butter) but omitted the cinnamon and added diced green apples, clementine zest and juice, orange juice, dried cranberries, Madagascar vanilla extract and brown sugar and a splash of Sprite because the cream made my batter too thick. They came out light golden brown like me. Sweet, flavorful with crisp edges, they were “scrumptious”(my word) with my second cup of Sumatra coffee.
Lexa Loves it

Muffin man oh man that is good stuff.
Have a sweet, satisfying and so sacred Sunday people. “;_)


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