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Kingdom Come

Still waiting…..and if the first and the third one were the same one then I am still waiting for you. 😉 the third one is the one..right now… Me. Waiting. 

V-Day 2014 – KING(DOM) COME
A brow that swells with knowledge
Captivating big brown eyes
A nose in profile so fine
Your lying loquacious lips
Try to match the furious rhythm of your hips
As you strut your stuff and walk the walk
With no hesitation after you muster the courage to talk
And you try to justify the reasons why
Your physical quest to reach and hold my very soul
Is oh so important and necessary to your very breath
Your the missing half of what completes my path
But we debate that which you so vehemently whisper
And if I step back and contemplate lubricious behavior patterns past that
Match your pace and urgency to race pass the mental to the physical
Its my mind you must enter and my emotions you must temper
Before you even pick up a foot to attempt to step into this temple
Because I know my worth more than silver, gold or paper currency
Once there was doubt but
Its been a long time since I’ve seen that devil
My fallen guardian angel
Whose fate is intertwined with my destiny
I am resolute because you must know that I know because
I have been touched twice
Once as a child I flew high lifted up on wings
Boundaries crossed and I knew but grew afraid
The next thing I knew I was sitting on my front lawn
They had returned me to be Earthbound once more
Instantly regretful and elated to be back and chosen
The second time in a Roman Catholic Church in Quebec
I felt a presence as a hand upon my head
I was instantly fulfilled
And I knew Unconditional Love
Like all the colors of the Rainbow
As light and Free as a Butterfly as it Flutters By
My Heart Beats loud in my breast
I felt the blood of Life flowing thru my veins
I saw the Light that was bright inside of me
Connected as I heard the choir of Angels that Sang
The Promise song of Blessedness
I am with you always and Foreve
So I know that I am whole for
Someone Loves me so
For there is someone else here Earthbound
Who will stand by me
Raise up our child(ren)
And wear a crown
The third time, the third one is the one
I’ll wait for him till Kingdom Comes!

LexaCD C-2013

On Thursday, February 13, 2014 5:03 AM, Alexandria CD wrote:HeadtotheSky HeadtotheSky


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