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Rock Me Tender

 Seaview Balcony

Seaview Balcony

She held me and rocked me gently. Somehow it felt right. I felt safe and secure. Her tender strength always pleasantly surprised me.

As I lay in the small strange bed, I smiled. The motion was so comforting. Like a child I surrendered to the the sway, innocently trembling with something akin to desire. I closed my eyes and went with that feeling astonishingly close to losing control.

Gentle sway of the Sea

Gentle sway of the Sea

For hours we stayed that way. Drifting and floating towards a destination, but taking our time along the way. Totally relaxed and in unison with her dance, I drifted off to dreamland. TBC “;-)
Western Caribbean Sea

Western Caribbean Sea

My BDay Cruise

My BDay Cruise


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