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Bloody Moon and Mars

April 2014 MoonShe anticipated the coming tetrad especially

Reddishthe April Blood Moon.

It was to happen on the day of her birth albeit 55 years later. It was signifiant to her as she followed the phases of the moon for her edification.
The lunar eclipse and the color of the moon combined with the fact that Mars was shining maroon next to la luna was exciting to her.

Although the moon seemed slightly diminutive, not huge as usual during her peak, the show was about to begin. At the start it grew darker as the Earth passed between, then she turned a reddish copper color, like a blushing redbone. As the Sun moved pass, she shone with the brightest reflection of sliver white light and grew from a C to an increasingly larger cresent. So bright it hurt her eyes yet she did not look away.

And now, after her experience, now that the time was upon her, her new turn around the sun, she thought of many things. Like how it was fortuitous that she was in the middle of the Western Caribbean Sea. It was amazingly lucky that she was in the North and Western hemispheres simultaneously. She had even researched the exact longitude and latitude she would be at at the exact time of her birth. What a nerd.

Since she is me, I confess, I watched the alignment, with a small knowing smile, left forward on the ship, all night long till way past dawn. Amongst all the wonderful things i saw and did that day, this was the pièce de résistance! ♥️♈️✅


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