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Reality Right

Into the Light

Into the Light

She did not want to relinquish her position
Illuminating the sky with the Star of the Morning
as her partner
In her crescent shape
From the Southern Hemisphere
She clung above Venus in the Eastern high
Highlighted with Earthshine her presence in Helios' place

Privy to the Heavens and not enslaved by the laws of rotation
Until the stars fall from their positions
Plucked by the whims of Fate
Dropped by accident
She fortuitously rearranged her focus
Conscientious of the writing on the wall
Was the same as when she looked up
And gazed directly and winked

And the Planets reversed their gravity
Then halted faltering
Comprehending the significance
To match the upheaval in her heart
The crescendo meticulously arranged
By the neuron synapses in her mind
In tune with the life blood coursing thru her body
And synchronized once again with her light
In her atmospheric sphere
She commanded her respect
Here and into Infinity
As one with the Universe
She waltzed into the Day

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