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About my book.

Blog On! I know what you mean! “;)

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In my Blog under the empty WordPress page “About” – there is 1105 “Likes” and 1500 Comments. 🙂 . I don’t know how this happen…
I wanted to write something about me on that page, but I wasn’t sure how, so I just leaved it alone…
But now – in my Book – I can tell you all “About” me – so you will know where I’m coming from… 🙂 .
Is going to be short Bio of my long, complicated life – most important happenings in my life – the ones that shaped my outlook on life and made me – who I Am now.
I will also take the best pages from my Blog and place in my Book – for those who never read my Blog.
And finally, I’m going to place few pictures of me in the Book, so you can see who is behind this…

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