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Singing and dancing, the song and dance of LOVE. “;_)

Rampant and Golden

I’d been backed into a corner
in a room with no corners
somewhere along the line
sincerity lost its meaning
and I lost my faith
and the air I breathed
the ground I trod on
the balusters
around the staircases
were lies
pretty, powerful and eloquent
good enough to hang on your wall
but lies nonetheless
I couldn’t even move
without seeing them
like smoke in the eyes
they burned
high voltage to the touch
I wanted no part of that
masquerade life
I wanted something more

talent sometimes fails me
but there is always honesty
it’s all I have
if it weren’t for my truth
I’d have nothing
not even words on paper
so I wrote
I wrote myself clean
until my soul
was drenched in pure life
and my arms were open

a man came and sat down
to enjoy the melody of my truth
singing by…

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