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California Dreaming

Another trip home to NorCal. Its been a little over a year 14 months give or take.
I had truly missed the golden hills and poppies. The roads that have hills and curves keep you on your toes when driving.

The Pacific Ocean is still cold and I remembered, almost too late, to never turn my back to it, for fear of a rogue wave. The beautiful blue hue of the Pacific, is different than anywhere else.

Beach by Bodega Bay

The Ocean breeze and hills that meet the water still mesmerizes me.

Alexa My baby created the wonderful feast inside our Bento Box lunch. The perfect lunch for consuming by the ocean. Rice balls, octopus hot dogs, crab sandwich sushi, apple rabbits, cucumbers, peppers, and Mochi she is so creative. 👏

Um um good

Um um good


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