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That Einstein Moment

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From: Alexandria CD
Date: June 25, 2014 at 9:46:32 AM EDT
To: “lexacredo@gmail.com”
Subject: That Einstein Moment

When he stuck his tongue out to the paparazzi

When he stuck his tongue out to the paparazzi

When Einstein kissed me
It all became clear
Enumeration of the cosmos
Creation of Pi
The check marks were ticked off
and I knew the reason why

The systemic alignment of the planets
An accounting of the stars
Animalistic instinct
Initiation of life and the Red planet Mars
Andromeda, Cassiopeia and distant Galaxies
and I knew exactly what

The Big Bang Theoretic
Expansion, Implosion and the reality of Dark Matter
Exponentially conducive to the Age of Aquarius
As the friction of the Retrograde grew to be
In the Northern most position of Summer Solstice sunrises
and I knew logistically where

Yes Einstein kissed me on my lips
He held my face between his hands
Face to face eye to eye
Declaring I was special (sigh)
And then I was no longer blue
and I intimately knew who
Bigger Brain

Created for a higher purpose
Enlightened enough to hear Solomon’s Song
To LOVE and BE and never ever be wrong a
Proclamation of my mistakes and how to learn from them
Understanding the metamorphoses and Nature
and I knew the reason why

The Emerald Tablet, the Testaments, Quran and Codices
Connecting dots and counting sheep
I dream a dream within a dream inside reality
And pondered all the Gods and Goddesses
A Credo we are bound to cleave
and I knew precisely how

With every rise of the sun and the setting of the moon
And the seasons here on Earth
Summation of an enigmatic smile
For the wondrous realization that she’d pondered for a while
In the moment of contact of the pressing of the lips came Crystallization of purpose
Yes I knew absolutely how

Lexa hooked in

Lexa hooked in

Sent from Lexa’s iPad


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