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THERE’S SCIENCE IN THE SETTING SUN (5-5): Earth Shadow & the Belt of Venus.

I just love this… Sunset and sunrise are both
my favorite times of the day. It’s the part of the day I can be still and listen, look and things just make fall into place.. I see majesty and a divine order. It fulfills my very soul and answers some of those questions I have.



Image Credit & Copyright:  Sean Parker of http://www.sean-parker.com/.  CLICK image for larger view and look below for information and links.

This is the last post in the “Science in the Setting Sun” series and those that know me know that this phenomenon is one of my very favorite of them all, especially during times of the Full Moon.  It’s called, “Earth Shadow and the Belt of Venus” and it’s a tri-tone masterpiece in the evening sky during sunset and in the morning sky at sunrise.

Everyone loves sunsets; that beautiful life giving star dropping below the horizon as the Earth rotates us away from it for the night.  The sky, clouds and even the Sun itself transitions from yellow mid-frequency visible light to lower frequency orange and red.  It’s truly a science lesson in and of itself displayed in the form of color on the sky.

But……have you ever…

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