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Draft of a Love Song

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From: Alexandria CD
Date: August 1, 2014 at 8:11:43 AM EDT
To: “lexacredo@gmail.com”
Subject: Draft of a Love Song

I fell in Love with a liar once
He was a liar and a cheat
But I thought he would stop all that
And never lie to me

Finding out all his favorite things
Treating him as if he was King
Always making the house a home
Letting him know he’s not alone

Filling the home with Life and Love
Counting our Blessings from above
Knowing inside that this is what
Marriage was all about

Trying to fill the empty spaces
Making memories and acquiring favorite places
Overcompensating so I would be irreplaceable
Putting all my cards on the table

Love and Trust must be nurtured
And since there’s a child and she must come first
Building a family relationship
A functional unit, a trinity, we are on the tip

However past and current transgressions
Coming back to roost, behavioral obsessions
Alcohol and indiscretions brewing in the pot
Makes his mind smell jealousy and something starts to rot

Always beginning of the end we tried to work it out
Through all the verbal, mental and physical abuse
These last words I shout from the roof (“That’s Enough!”)
For the one great result of that Love is living proof

That someone very wonderful had come
She is my focus, she is the one
Deserving of all the Love that we have not and can not share
She is my raison d’être

For me that Love and care never stops and no not at 18
Home must be sanctuary, peaceful not a scene
She is my moral blessing not a legal obligation
And now we are all free to be our own separate entities




  1. crashbarbosa says:

    Reblogged this on crashbarbosa and commented:

    • lexacd says:

      Thank you… Love goes on when you create… Someone was created from LOVE…and even if that marriage/relationship didn’t work out…another being created from Love is the focus of the LOVE once shared.. Just wanted to express that.

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