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Training Heels ….excerpt

At times she tried to feel very little. She tried to ignore her emotions and tended to lean more towards logic. She strove more for brilliancy or even consistency. The main goal was to strive for beauty in all its forms. She wanted to keep and continually develop her individual expression, her novelty (which some viewed as naivety) and originality as it were (which some viewed as non-conformity). These qualities are achieved sometimes at the expense of structural integrity. Sometimes your moral standards are revised. Sometimes your very soul is exposed. As the individual initiative is perused, it does not always comply with the social norm and is shunned as “different” yet sought out for the very same reason. She is elusive and is sought after for she is “mysterious” and “exotic.” People really want to be transported away to a different reality, a place of wonder and natural beauty.
The balance of beauty of the true diva are all expressed in a type of artistic masterpiece puzzle. An art form that is a woman comes to the top and reaches the highest levels of attainment and appeals to all men. All humans crave to be nurtured and loved. A true female does this naturally. An intuitive woman does it because it is ingrained in her DNA. An oh if she makes a conscious effort to nurture, the man does not stand a chance against her, they will always remember her. The exquisite lines and curves of her body, the refinement of her mind and the ability to have an intelligent conversation, combined with an almost but not quite masculine strength of survival, the swift hand that is quick to caress and the softness in that touch and the perfected beauty of time that fills the hollows and places of light, the contrast of the depths of shading..the nuances all work together. All these characteristics and more tend to build up and with the right type time and ritual practice of “training heels” you too will be a part of the American female royalty or an equivalent of an American Geisha. And here we mean in the true definition of the word Geisha..Art in Motion…everything she does is an expression of wonder and beauty….it can come naturally as a true talent or it can be practiced until it is a skill that is perfection..IF you choose to live and learn the lessons of wearing those particular “Training Heels.”

Turquoise Blue BeBe with brown leopard print heel

Turquoise Blue BeBe with brown leopard print heel


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