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A Celestial Smile

Sent from Lexa’s iPad

Begin forwarded message:

From: Alexandria CD
Date: September 21, 2014 at 7:52:43 AM EDT
To: “lexacredo@gmail.com”
Subject: Celestial smile

The moon in its apogee smiled at me
And the nearest star to it blinked and then winked
I was not sure if the cosmos were coaxing me out
Of the melancholy mood and seemingly chemical imbalance
Or durant derriere, the very universe was mocking

For who was I to be so important that the moon and stars in the sky
Would show me favor and a significant sign of happiness
That realization that the Sun aphelion was temporary and soon it would shine brighter
And warm my heart and skin once again

In the time of the autumn equinox and another lunar eclipse
Coming with the full waxing of October’s Hunter Moon
The alignment at the turn of the seasons was harder to fathom
This far south in the humid heat of this so called Sunshine State

However much I love the cumulonimbus clouds in the sky
As I search those different types of cover for the answers in the daytime
Its the night sky that speaks softly and whispers specific terms of endearment
And even as the acrid rainfall baptizes my soul as it dilutes my saline tears
Washing away my apprehension and replacing it with anticipation

I stroll unhurriedly as the stars in a dark velvet sky give way to a lighter shade of blue
As the Lunar acquiesces to the Helios when it changes from darkness to light
And visa versa, the calumniators of one who says they care really do not matter
For it is their type of selfish love that will make you appreciate
The Eternal Beloved’s Reign
The Angels Message
A Paramours Gaze
Paradise on Earth
Life and Light
Darknesses Infiniteness
Heart Beats

Smile for me

Smile for me

And a Celestial Smile

Sent from Lexa’s iPad



  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Oh, yes! A nice passionate write about The Big Picture!
    Have a great Sunday, Lexa! 🙂 Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree

  2. lexacd says:

    Thanks Uncle Tree!
    Blessed Be

  3. lexacd says:

    Reblogged this on LexaLovesFUNFASHIONFOOD and commented:

    The full Hunter’s Moon also has a lunar eclipse today 10/7/2014.
    Oh La Luna!

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