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Journal 2015

Lexa On Line all the time
Started the year off quietly and in contemplation. No ball drop..just my thoughts for the upcoming year of 2015.

Eating well,




Yeah it’s private..just ask me, I’ll send you the link (I’m not shy). ‘)


Training Heels 1

Training Heels 2

Training Heels 3
and writing

as well as reading (a given) are uppermost and a priority.

I want to interact more…so follow me and talk to me…I do so love a good conversation.
Follow me here and here: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/myPhotos/

I love taking photos (videos) and am going to share and post them here and on my YouTube Channel. Anyone remember “A Year and a Day of What Am I Wearing Today (WAIWT)? A new and improved video blog “That’s What’s Up”.


and targeted workouts are to be done daily. I will share my progress and progression. “)

I took a walk (as I do daily) around my new favorite lake (most times twice a day).

Morning Sun


There are so many lakes in this city and I thoroughly enjoy them all.



At the very least all the ones I have explored so far. There is so much more to do here..I am gonna share a part of my world with you.

l will decide on the next story topic by February. The words come easily now. The fingers are in sync with the thoughts..oh the wrongs and rights I will write. I will preclude this also with a disclaimer, some material may be for mature viewers and readers. I am going to be a bit more explicit (who me?).

I must digress. The ending 2014 Holiday was subdued. image




Kodiak GS Puppy Love

We lost
Satin to doggie heaven (virgin dog) and things have changed..
Yet and still, lots of LOVE and that is what matters the most.


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