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Betwixt IV

Mirrored images Ii

Mirrored images Ii

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Alexandria CD
Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015
Subject: Betwixt IV
To: “lexacredo@gmail.com”

I stood between Love and Hate
I contemplated murder

And anger overtook my thoughts
While to darkness i surrendered

In retrospect I knew this place had been here many times
It was not really comfortable but I fell into its rhythm and rhyme

The acid burned inside of me my blood it boiled
Adrenaline pumped into my body and my brain

I could see nought but the color red
The darkness had me blind

As I was consumed with bad thoughts
that contemplated vengeance. I almost lost my mind

However reason won and I came back
This vessel was created by love for love

Moi au natural

Moi au natural

Betwixt IV

Betwixt IV

The Angels that stand all around me
Showed me signs of beauty that brought tears to my eyes

The wrongs I write will tell the tale and release the beast
And turn her into a creature of beauty who prophecies

Sent from Lexa’s iPad

Sent from Gmail Mobile



  1. Hi Alex’s,
    Lovely images and very moving. Where was the picture with the Sun low in the sky taken ?

  2. lexacd says:

    Hi Steve

    Please call me Lexa. Thank you so much.
    The images were taken at Lake Mirror in Lakeland FL.
    The sky seems different….in FL. The SUN, even the clouds seem closer or on the vertical as opposed to on the horizon/horizontal.

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