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Seamless in Seattle

Step by step…second by second….be Blessed…and throughly enjoy the journey.

Seamless in Seattle


I’m a story. A collection of people and places…and experiences. Memories and memoirs, movies and jokes. Years gone by. I’m a tangled web of threads woven into a rich tapestry that isn’t even halfway finished. Yet, looking at the thriving metropolis I now live in, a place where I am but one of 652,000…I wonder if I’m nothing but a thread. However, like Watsky, I have the audacity to think that I matter.

My whole entire life is a thread connecting myself to all the people I encounter here every single day, all the people I met before and will meet in the future.

My whole entire life condensed down to experiences, places, things, hidden stairwells and beaches, rooftop jacuzzi’s, and broken down shacks.

Some people blog for money, others to get a message out there, and still others just for something to do every single day. I hope…

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