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I have decided to start another blog. Anonymous. Having to do with sensual and possibly sexual and of an erotic or “natural instints” about my nature and my nuture. To tell it like I see it and express those inner thoughts that I/we sometimes think however hardly ever share, and never act upon? Its the differnce between thinking something and actually doing it. Is the fantasy better than the reality? Well it depends on several factors and there are tons of variables. But I do know the difference between whats right and whats wrong. Or do I? Yes I definitely know what is right or wrong for me. And I learn from my mistakes and always always always enjoy my LIFE. For it is mine and I treasure it. I ponder my past experiences and miss and contemplate my loved ones whose lives are over or at least not in this dimension. They have crossed over. No longer physically here but here in spirit. My Grandmother, my Father, my Mother and

The Sun, Moon and Stars clock

The Sun, Moon and Stars

just recently my Sister are deceased. And I miss them and think of them often. I know of their regrets because they told me. And a long time ago I vowed to try and live without regrets.




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