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The Garden


Lavendar, butterflies & an Hibiscus etc







  1. Lovely body art. Who did the tattoos ? They are a great artists
    the science geek

  2. I love plants and nature and I love your garden :). What a great piece of body art ! The use of all the different colours and the way they blend together is fantastic, I particularly like the detail behind the lavender which is amazing. You must be so pleased that you had it done:).
    I was just wondering if you were planning to add to your garden in future ?

    • lexacd says:

      Hello Steve

      May I call you Steve?
      I too love plants and flowers especially fragrant ones. And yes I am pleased with it and how it’s coming along,,.yes I have to at least finish the color in my Madame Alexandra Butterfly and the Hummingbird who is in position to enjoy the nectar of the Hibiscus.. the garden will continue to grow. Thanks for asking!


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