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City on the Rise



Image Credit & Copyright: Jaxson Pohlman.

This beautiful image by Jaxson Pohlman is art-like in its presentation as the light of the Milky Way galaxy reaches high above the plains; a single tree stands alone as if to over watch the area.

With images like these it’s easy to immerse yourself in the image and allow yourself to take on a sense of feel for what you’re seeing. I can imagine standing here as a light breeze blows through; the tree wavering lightly, almost dancing with the long grass. It’s clear at the moment but the smell of moisture in the wind foretells much needed rain is in the forecast.

If you look near the core of the Milky Way, just above and right of the tree actually. Can you find the Dark Horse?

Thanks to Jaxson for sharing this image and be sure to check out more of his…

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