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Harvest Moon

 Between the Fall Equinox is the coming of the full moon eclipse 

That in between time

But in the meantime

There is me and you and a new life

That trinity of three 

Will one celestial body block the others light? Or is the absence of light right? Both are blended together into a darker than gray area

That makes me ponder 
Who What Where Why When and Why should I

In between breaths In between beats

At that moment cause LOVE will never cease 

In my deepest heart of hearts I know my place 

And life goes on in Paradise as the wheel goes round up and down




  1. Great post, very moving and lovely images.
    The science geek

    • lexacd says:

      Thank you
      The last image of the moon is not mine (need to credit the source)
      But the othere are my photos. I was thinking of spaces in-between (gaps, open tree trunk) and the space between the earth and outer space (sky) the Seattle skycraper scape was a recent pic…it seemed to fit.

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