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September 18 The Shortest Day

“He’s blinding me ….with science “!!!

I love learning and this article and the graphs as well as diagrams is awesome. And I never use the word lightly.
Thanks Science Geek Guy

The Science Geek

Most people are probably unaware of this but the length of a solar day, which is the natural day measured by the rising and setting of the Sun, varies throughout the year and that September 18 is in fact the shortest solar day in the year. This post discusses this curiosity, which is not widely known.

The variation in the length of the day.

Although a day for practical timekeeping purposes is always 24 hours, the actual length of a solar day, which is the time difference between two successive occasions when the Sun is at its highest in the sky, varies throughout the year. As shown in the graph below, it is at its longest, 24 hours 30 seconds, around Christmas and is at its shortest, 23 hours 59 minutes 38 seconds in mid-September.

Day length

The graph above shows how the length of a solar day differs from 24 hours. The y-axis shows the difference between…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog and glad you enjoyed the post. To be honest, When I was writing it , I thought that perhaps the topic was a bit too obscure and geeky for most people and nearly didn’t finish it,
    The science geek

    • lexacd says:

      I’m so glad you posted and finished it. I’m also sure that all geeks (I just look like this) and novices alike could/would appreciate the info and take away something new or be refreshed on some interesting facts.

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