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LaLuna/Del Sol (JAA)

Celestial dreams while earthbound

I searched the skies nite and day for the answers to the questions. And wise divine responses and hints of heavenly intervention surround me. That stellar love and life promised and felt to be encapsulated in a moment like this/that.

Betwixt and between that astral space of dreaming in reality while my eyes are open. For I felt it once and live to bask in that blissful glow.  The one that makes my skin glisten and my heart beat stronger. While I dance under moonbeams, the celestial dance of love, in my natural garden of delights, under the warmth of the Sun, with only you. 

 You fill me completely, love me unceasing until I relinquish /acquiesce control and together we can reach the astral plane of the divine. The stars shine brightest and we are blind, we no longer see just feel.



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