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As I walked at dawn this morning, contemplating as I do. Gazing upon the Little Dipper marveling at the asterism, The Ursa Minor and Ursa Major constellations.

I find my navigational North Star. The Star of the Morning. I thought about the stars that shine and how some have already

 As shooting stars do..Burned away…I likened it to loves lost. The past we can see (or feel) the light and love however, it’s already gone.Faded away. And new stars and galaxies are forming.

I smiled as the birds sang a serenade to greet the coming day. The wind blows and catches in the leaves of the trees. Caressing my skin, I too am caught up. And dance a brand new dance.

Not on the whim of the wind but with purpose. My journey has come to this particular crossroad for a designated purpose. I am so ready.

And supernovas, super massive black holes and the planets all…orbit and move along their respective elliptical paths.

All is as it should be and everything that moves in tandem is admired. But those that move in independence are indeed simulating and audulated

And the love lost is similar to my knowledge of geometries and geomechanics. I understand and see the patterns. I stand here on the soil of earth and know the clay and sand compositions and their behavior

I hear a musical audiation of love. And I will still improvise spontaneously and sometimes voraciously consume …love

For I am dancing my dance in and out of my own designer shoes. I shine for I am .. starlight/stardust.



  1. Lovely post very moving
    The science geek

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