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The Star of the Morning

If the star of the morning is indeed also the evening star

    Then the parallel may exist on this new vantage point

  And the luminescent light that shines in another time

That some knew as esoterica and they also acknowledged the planet Venus

As one …as the the same. Serving a dual purpose

Even a trinity of sorts ..that

Iridescent twinkling winking in the velvet blue whose hues changed

From dark to light and back again and the time for love was near as well

And known by many different names, like Love Lust and Passion

As the Summer Triangle still displayed its formation

After the Fall Equinox had heralded that Winter is coming 

The coolest breeze of the Southern morning whispers YES..yesterday’s today and tomorrow 

Shine shine bright my love..smile as one with the light…

See me

Know me

Touch me and

Call me by my name(s)




  1. Lovely post! Good images of the morning star too.
    By a strange coincidence I am planning to write an article about Venus later this month
    The Science Geek

    • lexacd says:

      Thank you so much @theSciencegeek I look forward (with much anticipation)to reading your article about the morning/evening STAR. 😉

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