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Precious Pearl Platinum


Precious Pearl Platinum   

Christmas 2013

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July 2006

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July 2006
My baby was approximately 4 years old when Precious Pearl Platinum was flown from Florida to California’s Central Coast where we lived.  She was purchased to compromise and in negotiating for Jeli to stop pretending she was a puppy. And of course because she wanted a puppy. 

Precious was shy and did not like children. She immediately tore a huge hole in the back of our sofa and hid there. She reluctantly came around to tolerate us. Then quickly endeared herself by just being herself. 

She was dubbed Precious Pearl Platinum on her AKC paperwork because of her temperament and her salt and pepper where it blended and made her silver.  But platinum is more precious than silver. She had a silky coat that shone with a luminous quality (like a Pearl) when freshly groomed. She is highly esteemed; cherished for a spiritual and moral quality as the the very definition of her name implies.

She was with us thru divorces, and marriages; moving from CA to NY fr NY to FL and back again.  We’ve been across the U.S. 7 times together. She flew with me, rode with me, she went to certain cafes and restaurants and sometimes she went to work with me. She was an excellent companion/company. From CA to FL, from FL to WA and back again to Cali, where we first began our adventures together. 

She was my true roadie. She kept me going with her demands for walks, food and affection. Her ways were more subtle than Satin’s but they were insisted upon.

She runs now with Satin and Capone in doggie heaven. Gone with the New Moon of October 13, 2015. 

Rest and then run into the dawn… Into the light eternally 

With the rising of the Sun and the setting of the waxing October Hunter’s Moon

I will miss you immensely because you lived and loved me… Unconditionally! 


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