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Daydreaming – the bird and the butterfly 

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Subject: The Bird and the Butterfly

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The Bird and the Butterfly 

Soared and fluttered by

Today and made me smile

What a beautiful day it is

Another day in Paradise 

Sunshine blue skies fill my eyes

And a Light Breeze caresses my skin

Cooling the heated kisses 

Bestowed from the warmth of the Sun

Upon my restless body 

The clear water from the tepid pool

After several laps

Dries drop by drop

As my soaking wet bikini steams dry

I close my eyes

And daydream…

Of a LOVE so strong it Lasts

A lifetime and eternally

That transcends the earthly realm

To someplace divine

And we know we are wanted

When you are touched by this Love

You know unconditionally 

That we are made for desire 

As we are earthbound in our skin

Passionate boundaries can be crossed 

When we take this particular journey

And I will go on this trip with you

Purposely with open minds 

Fanning the flame of the knowledge 

There is another dimension 

A place where we just feel

Nothing else matters 

In that time and space

But you and me

Breathing touching melding

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