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Betwixt and Between VII

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From: Alexandria Lexa Credo Darnes <a_credodarnes@yahoo.com>

Date: November 13, 2015 at 6:30:37 AM EST

To: Lexa Credo Darnes <lexacredo@gmail.com>

Subject: Betwixt and Between VIi
I woke up early again today

It’s bright before the dawn

Between the darkness of the night

When stars begin to acquiesce

From dark velvet to a light silky blue sky

I straddled the line of love and hate

Neutral as it were

Inherently my passions high

So filled with emotions

Do you think I know how to love?
 I asked the skies

Or has my frozen heart been unthawed too many times

The butterflies that flutter by and flowers that smell so sweet

Still touch me

And it almost touches me without touching me like the reaching hands in the figures on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo has many masterpieces and it has happened many times
I paint and write between the lines So close together with shades of blue and gray and nearest to God

like the cherubs of a Bothecelli painting and

The birth of Venus

 With that secret smile of the Mona Lisa

I too barely smile and yearn to know the esoteric knowledge and create double entendres and hide secrets like  Leonardo. But share this knowledge as well for those who can see

For if you doubt my capabilities/capacity my beloved that’s on you There must be something lacking there But where does the absence lie or lay?
My cup is still full and yet there is room for more It doesn’t bother me a bit IF it runneth from the table onto the floor and even flow like a river across the room and out the door



  1. Lovely prose and lovely images
    The Science Geek

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