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Betwixt and Between V I I I (that’s why)

From: Alexandria Lexa Credo Darnes <a_credodarnes@yahoo.com>
Date: November 23, 2015 at 9:24:11 PM EST

To: Lexa Credo Darnes <lexacredo@gmail.com>

Subject: Fwd: Betwixt and Between

That’s WHY!

Rewind to a previous version. And obliterate the feelings of contention that period brings. Using my one charm bracelet as a talisman,  I wave my hand and make the sign of the cross, and you speak the words of remorse and regret, I’m sorry.

Fast forward to now and forget all that. It’s past tense. It’s a new beginning again and meanwhile, I’m currently standing with one foot in the water and one in the sand. I walk between Earth and Water. I fly between Heaven and Hell. I savor ecstasy and normalcy. As I stand beneath the stars, I whisper no matter what happens, I will love again.

And he will love me like no other As deep as the Mariana Trench to unknown depths and then resurface, while the Sun still shines and dries the saltiness on our skin.

Unfaltering secure we ride the waves.Rolling with the ebb and tide just going with the flow of events. As one with the motion, we dance the divine Tango. Flying free to heights so high. It’s so cold and beautiful. The oxygen becomes thin and it’s hard to breathe.

But we can and we do. And yet there are moments that I still hold my breath and eventually exhale slowly and purge the negativity. The animosity you contrived to justify cause you were hurt by Love still reverberates. You were intoxicated and nigh remember. And the echoes are barely there, they are fading fast, You’ve crossed the line so many times, betrayal is expected and anticipated. So you fulfill your own prophecy of doom and start that 3 year itch. 

One day we’ll say that we were just afraid, we weren’t ready.  But when we do wake (and we will awaken) we will shed our fearsome dreams.When we truly appreciate this Paradise, there is nothing denied to us.For we are created to Be Loved. And Love.

Conversely when passion is high.some stumble and fall hard. To the other side. Like a baby, you do not know what to do. You go to a dark place where your kind of love becomes lust and animosity And misogyny is like your second nature.  You hurt because you were hurt And the cycle begins again. But it’s different this time.  You keep hurting people but this to will be reversed.  They will know JOY 

Around up and down the wheel goes. And yet,the Sun will rise and set.The November full moon will rise in full glory today and in times between she will smile that crescent smile. Growing larger as it goes thru its phases and the perspective from the apogee to the the perigee change the way it appears.

The planets will orbit in elliptical patterns. And sacred geometry will become clearer.

The patterns are not a redundancy nor are they random. it’s all an algorithm to be understood And there are anomalies like the rivers that flow North instead of South. Reversing the normalcy but somehow making the balance even. There are exceptions to certain rules and we will be inviolable to your contemptuous slander, the bursts  of rage as well as your finger pointing accusations. The time of reckoning comes nearer. And I stand between elation and sadness. Relief and anxiety. Love and Hate.  The course is set and I make the journey, step by step. I stand betwixt and between, however I still stand. 

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