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Forget the past transgressions and keep moving forward

I  will always and foreveR believe in true LOVE. Pure and unconditional. It EXISTS.
However that selfish “why don’t you understand my feelings?” kinda of love and the people who use emotional, material or monetary things to try and keep or maybe buy love are exercising a futile attempt at an impossible feat. You may be trying to use control or maybe even trying to evade the inevitable outcome of the END of US.  Just because I do not comply with your requests does not mean I do not understand your “feelings”.   And remember,  you do not even believe in words like always and foreveR.
There are those who claim they LOVE you but they fuel and even feed your addictions .. It’s not okay. They really don’t care. The vultures are circling and you cannot see. You definitely cannot see me for I am but a memory. And there are reminders of me everywhere. Even the writing on the wall along with the permanent reminders on your body. I am truly with you but we are not together.

I would not watch you destroy yourself. You cannot break or destroy me. I have stretched my mind and my body, I’m flexible and to tenacious for that.


No more DRAMA. I’m done with all that.

And those foolish people who think and state that “they never lose” you’ve already lost. A long time ago in fact.


Here we are again for the very last time.


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  1. Lovely prose. Lovely image
    The Science Geek

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