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Venus -A Mysterious World


The Science Geek

In The Radio Man, a 1924 science fiction by the American author Ralph Milne Farley,  a radio engineer, Myles Standish Cabot, invents a radio apparatus that teleports him to another world, Venus. This version of Venus has boiling hot oceans, but the land is much cooler, and the continent he lands on is inhabited by two races.

One of the races, the Formians, are like black ants, the size of horses.  The other race is more human, these are the Cupians, who have blonde hair,  blue eyes and human appearance and proportions , and who communicate though antennae in their heads.


Venus in Science Fiction

The Radio Man is one of many science fiction books set on Venus. Until the early 1960s the general view of Venus was that it is a planet with similar conditions  to the Earth, but a little hotter because it is closer to the Sun. As mentioned in my previous post “Venus – The…

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