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The Glass Slippers

Claudina (excerpt from Training Heels)


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     Growing up she knew she was charmed, blessed if you will. She was special and she knew this. And this feeling of “specialness” was validated her entire life. It was confirmed and reconfirmed by her parents, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, siblings. strangers, husbands and most recently by her very own child. Daddy’s princess and Mommy’s special little girl. No not “deee deee deee de special” (as she patted and press her curled hand against her breast mocking mental misdevelopment and general confusion). No, she was special because she felt it in her bones and her spirit. Her heritage, ancestors and the celestial alignment on the day of her birth were such that it was imperative that she always reached for MORE. Destiny screamed her name (in her head) and SHE called her by her full name at maximum volume. “ALEXANDRIA CLAUDINE CREDO.” Not to say that fate is fixed. Not to say that everything is predetermined. You will know what I mean after reading this and you start noticing “the coincidences.” But that’s not the point in this story. This is to show how and why she lived her life. Her motivation. The lessons learned from her Momma. The lesson’s she hoped to teach to her daughter. How she would teach these lessons to the child that was of her flesh, spirit and her Momma’s spirit. This is to reinterate that she was “chosen” and she knew it, “even before she was touched.” Claudina would be touched by some “unknown force of LOVE” and she lived to spread love and wait albeit impatiently, until that day, until that wondrous day, that she felt it again.  

     “Claudina” was what most everyone called her then.


..and you may call me Lexa


Tampa Theatre



  1. A very touching excerpt… And the slippers must be Cinderella’s 🙂


  2. Really good. I can’t wait to read more

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