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DV- Stop, Reset

B etter

A t

D oing
B eing 

I n

T otal

C ontrol

H onestly

The instilled bigotry, racism and misogyny is evident in your behavior . It’s not okay to threaten, holler, curse, assault and make disparaging accusations.To make a house not a home but into a building of dread and instability. A place where the enemy is someone who says they love you. I’m sorry does not begin to describe or assuage the pain and damage you’ve inflicted.It really doesn’t matter anymore that 

you don’t or won’t remember, we do.

The alcohol abuse and substance abuse exacerbated the ignominy that pours out of your mind and from your lips. And the lava of contempt erupts from your mouth, those words once spoken cannot be taken back.

I’ll take three steps towards love and the light

Obliterate the dark cloud. We will be outside your circle of despair. With laughter and joy as our spears, using intelligence and strength as our defense..

We restock the stack.

As the scales of justice weigh and calibrate to judge you. As the karmic echoes resonate so loudly that you cannot think, eat or sleep. With every step you take that makes my child afraid and 

with each and every tear we cried from years gone by.

We bind together she and I And we have others who stand beside, behind and all around us. We protect our future and the precious generation(s) to come. We stand our ground firm and expand our territories. And 

in this new home we will thrive.   

We turn the bad into a positive And we neither speak nor hear the words of regret. We fast forward to a bright future. We use the Golden Key to open that door. 


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