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Tough Love 

Lexa Credo DarnesDate:

February 3, 2016, 10:38 AM

I’ll be that person that shows love

You don’t see it

I’m invisible yet

You think I’m the enemy

In reality, I’m trying to help
It’s the nature of the beast

To lash out

To throw blame and accusations

And it’s hard to see but

I’m still here
No one else has the guts to stand up

To you and for you

They’ll just watch you waste away

Drinking and drowning

In the bottle
Others feed and fuel your addiction

They really don’t care

I’ve a vested interest

We have commonality

I am affected as well
Try to remember that once we were

I know you and you know me

Deep down you know I mean no harm

I could walk or run away

However I cannot watch you drown



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