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Soul Arson

Deeper and darker..

Rampant and Golden

The pain would come later.
The blue and black bruises
the shape of man-sized fingers
would not form for another
few hours, and the heart
would not be aware
of the long coffin nails
until days later.

All of the moment is fear
a fast approaching end
that tastes like burning ash
and the red tint of sky
behind the death black
of a stormy night,
the panic while I teeter
on the brink of choking
and the realization
that he is too strong
and I can’t push him off
and he is about to drain
the ocean out of my soul
without my permission,
the silence of the walls
screaming into my ears
on top of my helpless,
pounding heartbeat
and my brain trying to shut down
as disgrace fell
the size of a hungry boar
and festering anthills
of self-doubt tearing
my flesh apart
over and over and…

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