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X y Betwixt and Between (Beltane, summer is here)

I saw the energy before I felt it

All the street lights had halos

La Luna smiled her crooked lopsided smirk

And I remembered that I knew about 

The energy

I felt it before 

That Yin and Yang gracefulness 

As the wind caresses my skin 

So softly as only my true lover knows how to do 

The gathering of baby crickets Jumped across the wall in a rhythm

As the birds tweeted questions and others trilled back answers  The sky went thru it’s metamorphosis 

From darkness to light 

As I witnessed the divinity as the voyeaur in me felt a white hot desire

Everything has a definitive clarity and especially myself 

I knew this to be true and the Southern Hemisphere had me off balance 

Why was I acting like the lost stepchild that seemingly didn’t belong? I was created for this very moment of esoteric knowing 

Do not falter in your faith

Or stumble too much on this path to everywhere  

Behold and BE present in Paradise 

Rejoice in the infinite wonder of this World

All the synergies and algorithms are in plain sight and I was always counting numbers and seeing patterns

It was another test and the process of elimination as well as deciphering the probable was second nature

It’s elementary but

Why was it so much harder to see? 

I needed more clarity  I see the light even in darkness there is a glowing energy

I feel the magnetic field, gravity and am acutely aware Of the space time continuum Of linear and spherical  East and West 

North and Sourh

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

I am Betwixt and Between 

Heaven on Earth

Fatality and immortaliy 

And the flesh of my flesh energizes me

My cerebellum is stimulated and my body springs into action 

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